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Mmathapelo Eunice Manamela was born and raised in a small place called Makapanstad near Hammanskraal, I was raised by two strong parents
I am the fouth born and first daughter in my home. I have three brothers and one little sister…I always believed and loved big family. I am married and I have four kids three girls and one boy

Where do I begin,

I am spiritually gifted, I hear things, I dream things, I see things, then I knew I was gifted by the age of 12 years I noticed. I remember one day I was sleeping and exactly midnight I will hear someone says wake up and pray, sometimes I will hear someone whispering in my ears… I was young it didn’t make sense, and to choose not to listen to this voices
One day I collapsed and my family was devasted not knowing what to do with me. Voices started coming out from my mouth speaking to them, then it continued and continued over and over again. It’s still happen even today….
He visited me one day, he said I know that you were born to be a Leader, Healer, Motivator and a Praying women, use candles and water… said my late “Grandfather” he smiled.
Since then, Power was made in me… I then noticed that I am a man, trapped into women body. I am able to do what a men can do!! Not in every jungle, a lion is king. I am not trying to disrespect anyone, but I don’t have to be equal with men, because I give birth to them
I am trying to make women aware that I knowledge, respect them. The are women out there who produced leaders, doctors, lawyers, pilots, Accountant etc with a salary of domestic worker. I personally took my myself to university with 80 rand salary of a day..
Remember Rome was not built in one day, There is power in a women.


I must say my life was never been easy, but I lifted my head and never give up. Giving up is the birth of regrets, I want you to change the way you think, It is the whole determing factor of where you go in life. If you don’t like the position , think yourself out of it….
Your brain is divided into two halves positive, good and negative and bad
You are in charge, You are the boss of your mind factory, Change your attitude , you change your altitude
It takes courage to be a winner
It takes courage to be a runner
It takes courage to be successful business owner
It takes courage to be strong
It takes courage to be patient
It takes courage to educate yourself
It takes courage to have faith
It takes courage to ownthatthrone

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If Man and Women can put one mind together we can be Leaders
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